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Jody's "Connected" Genuine Fine grain Leather Clutch


Connected Clutch

This piece captured my heart. It was the first time I met the amazing souls at Bauxo when I fell in love with their Bounded Clutch that our Stacey brought to a meeting. I loved this piece so much that it became the first “team gift” I ever invested in. Bauxo, a Canadian company founded by two amazing women who traveled to Indonesia to find their purpose, create beautiful pieces sourced in Bali. When we asked if Bauxo would design a few pieces with our team, I was thrilled when they agreed to make us our own version of the Clutch, with a little branded swagger – our J brand is tucked into the hidden zippered pocket, just in case you need the reminder that you’re amazing, brave, and beautiful – and you’ve got a community who thinks so too. 

The Connected Clutch is genuine leather and is simply amazing.  

Materials: genuine leather

Measurement: 11.5" wide x 8" tall when folded

As we use genuine leather hides with natural dyes, colors may vary slightly.