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The Dr. Jody Gratitude Journal 3.0 has arrived! I can’t tell you how excited I am to put this second version out into the world. This idea was created by my Marti after a day of dreaming and her idea sparked this brilliance. In a massive group effort, we all fed our thoughts about what the ultimate gratitude journal should contain to our Two Hot Soups design team and they took all that magic and made the mother of gratitude journals. We’re so proud of our sold-out first effort – and new and even better version 2.0 is FINALLY HERE!
This is a 4 month journal filled with quotes and images to remind you about the power of reconnection.
Step 1 - Everyday you are able, practice gratitude for someone or something in, out, and around yourself.  Write it down.
Step 2 - On the 7th day, write a note to someone you're grateful for.  Tear out the note and give it to them.  Or, send it up and out into the Universe (burning can be quite effective).  You're at your best when you give it away.
Step 3 - At the end of 28 days (4 weeks / 4 Gratitude cycles) take a bit of extra time to reflect on the previous weeks' entries.  I want you to see just how much you mean to so many.