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Jody's "Grounded" Silver/Brass Bracelets


Grounded Bracelets
Gratitude is a practice and staying grounded never an end game. When I wear these
beautiful, lightweight pieces, alone or together, they serve as a gentle reminder to find
“gratitude”, that “joy” is a choice, and that being “brave” is never about playing small. I
loved the vision Bauxo’s creators had for their own version and I was thrilled when they
were interested in branding them to fit our message for our community. Bauxo, a
Canadian company founded by two amazing women who travelled to Indonesia to find
their purpose, create beautiful pieces sourced in Bali. Our version of the Grounded
Bracelets are stackable, thin metal cuff bracelets that are adjustable and as versatile as

  • BRAVE (Silver)
  • GRATITUDE (Mixed Metal)
  • JOY (Brass)

Measurement: Fits up to a 6.5" wrist, adjustable
Silver: silver plated brass
Brass: brass
Mixed metals: silver plated brass and brass